November 4, 2015

Feeding Resources in Spanish


For free AAC picture communication boards in Spanish related to meals, please click here.

Developmental Milestones for Feeding:

What age does a typical child begin to chew and when should solids be introduced?  This information and so much more regarding the developmental timeline of feeding is provided here in Spanish.


General Caregiver Feeding Questionnaire:

An online questionnaire for Parents in Spanish and in English to assist in identifying feeding concerns in children.  Results can be printed and include an explanation for caregivers of what is typical compared to the results of the questionnaire.  The questionnaire includes important questions related to sensory concerns and dysphagia.  Some examples of questions include:


¿Por lo general, cuánto tiempo lleva el alimentar a su bebé?

(In general, how much time is needed to feed your baby?)


¿Tiene preocupación acerca del peso de su bebé?

(Are you concerned about the weight of your baby?)


¿Su niño come una variedad de texturas de alimentos?

(Does your child eat a variety of textures while eating?)



Feeding Tube Information for Caregivers:

Guide for Parents Who Need More Information About Feeding Tubes in Spanish and English.



Feeding Information Specific to Down’s Syndrome:

Guía de alimentación para personas con Síndrome de Down

(Feeding Guide for Individuals with Down’s Syndrome)

This book is more appropriate for clinicians than parents, targeting specific areas of concern regarding feeding for individuals with Down’s Syndrome.  Treatment strategies are included.

Price: $9.99 (29 pages of this book are available for free online at Google Books)

Source: Google Books


Feeding Information Specific to Autism Spectrum Disorder:

La Hora de Comer y los Niños en el Espectro del Autismo

(Mealtime and Children on the Autism Spectrum)

Article with EBP explaining the approach to identifying feeding concerns with children on the autism spectrum using a team approach.

Source: Indiana Resource Center for Autism


Mealtime Tools

The Hop Toys blog features feeding strategies using tools such as adapted spoons, straws and cups, as well as chew tubes.  Basic explanations are provided regarding the purpose of the items during feeding therapy.