Proxtalker: The AAC Device That is Adaptable for Bilingual Students

The Proxtalker is a static display voice output device created for a child named Logan, who was diagnosed with autism.  Logan was mastering PECS but experiencing some difficulty transitioning to a dynamic display device.  Logan’s father, an engineer and ultimately the inventor of the product, decided to create a device which would prepare his son for a dynamic display device, like an iPad.  The Proxtalker is brilliant in that it can hold 10,000 words and phrases.  There is a 6 cell display which is constantly adaptable depending on the activity.  Radio frequency identification tags (or the little white squares seen below), feature a chip and an antenna, and are coded with words and phrases which can be modified if the user feels necessary.


Let me just say this entry is merely an opinion and I am in no way endorsed by this company for discussing this device.  That being said, I love the Proxtalker for my Spanish-speaking students and here’s why:

-The Proxtalker is not only easy to program, but the instructions for programming are built into the machine and provided in both Spanish and in English.

-The Proxtalker does not use laminated PECs symbols, but rather stick on symbols which are attached to white tags which contain the chip and antenna. This is a major time saver for SLPs. These symbols can be found in template sheets by downloading the Proxtalker App and then printing them.  The best part is that there are templates of Spanish words with corresponding symbols.  This is a major help as many times the SLP may not be bilingual or may not have the time to create PECs symbols to use at home in Spanish.

In closing, there are so many other things to mention about the product that I enjoy (durable, adaptable, etc.) but I recommend checking it out for more information at and seeing this quick demo below.

And of course a video of someone running it over to show its durability:

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